What Are My Treatment Options?

It is not our goal to make recommendations with regards to other treatment options whether they be different chiropractic or non-chiropractic methods. It is our opinion, however, that a patient be well educated about the various choices to make better decisions.

It is for this reason that we seek to objectively describe how different healthcare providers including other chiropractors would approach your condition. As a doctor, teaching people how to get and stay healthy is very important to us. Part of that educational responsibility is to help you comprehend the variety of choices for your health challenge.

Even if it turns out that Premier Chiropractic is not the best fit for your current condition, we would like you to know that you can continue to use us as a health resource.

It should come as no surprise that we get calls from relatives of patients, asking us questions about their health challenges. It is more important for us to know that people see us as a resource than having them under our care.