NeuroStructural Chiropractic vs Conventional Chiropractic

Conventional Chiropractic

In order to appreciate what makes Premier Chiropractic different from a conventional chiropractic office, you first need to understand the primary goals of conventional chiropractic.  Most chiropractors in Bel Air are what we would refer to as conventional chiropractors. As conventional chiropractors, their primary objectives are to increase range of motion reduce pain, and reduce muscle tension. Many people notice good improvements in their symptoms through conventional chiropractic care.

Strong Foundation

Premier Chiropractic Approach

Normal StructureNeuroStructural Chiropractic

At Premier Chiropractic, we focus on a type of chiropractic known as NeuroStructural Correction. The goal of NeuroStructural Chiropractic is the correction of a Structural Shift in the spine which leads to symptoms or what a NeuroStructural Chiropractor would refer to as secondary conditions.

As a NeuroStructural Doctor, we look at the structure of the spine like a structural engineer would look at a building with an uneven, unstable foundation. If a building has a shifted foundation, then it is reasonable to expect to see the effects of that foundation shift in the walls, the floors, the roof, as well as the windows and doors. Cracks will begin developing in the walls. The floors will begin to creak. The windows and doors could start to get stuck and not move freely. Obviously, you could spend time continually mending the damage only to need to repair it over and over.