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At Premier Chiropractic, we think you should have the opportunity to discover if our approach is the right solution for you prior to investing your time, effort, and money in our office. Your decision should be based on information, not speculation. Our consultation is a 20-30 minute conversation. It is not an examination and is not a high-pressure sales pitch that is common in many chiropractic practices. Often, many healthcare providers will have you on their examination table prior to even saying “hello.” That approach doesn’t seem right to us. Consider that people usually read the brochure prior to purchasing a car not the other way around.

When you schedule a consultation in our office, two things will occur:

We will learn about you and your health concerns. You will find out about us and how our approach may help you. We will give you a general understanding of chiropractic, and then help you understand how our focus of NeuroStructural Correction is substantially different than conventional chiropractic. We will describe our process in advance in order for you to discover if our solution is the right solution for you health concerns.

If what we explain makes sense to you, and if we determine our office may be a good fit, you will have the ability to undergo a complete NeuroStructural Chiropractic Examination at your convenience on a future date.

To schedule your appointment please call (410) 734-4060 or you may complete the form below. To discover how NeuroStructural Correction is different from conventional chiropractic, follow this link.

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