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Ear Infections and Antibiotics-The Truth Every Parent Should Know

Does your child suffer with Ear Infections? Does giving them Antibiotic after Antibiotic only to have their Ear Infections return concern you? Are these powerful drugs even safe?

Free Community Workshop Sponsored by The National Wellness Foundation 

Seating is limited to 100. Call today to register at 410-734-4060 or register with the form below. 

Location:The Bel Air Public Library, 100 E. Pennsylvania Ave, Bel Air

Date:February 25, 2010. 6:30pm


Ear Infections and Antibiotics-The Truth Every Parent Should Know

Does Your Child suffer from Ear Infection? Does giving them Antibiotic after Antibiotic only to have their Ear Infections Return bother you? Are these drugs even safe?

Free Community Workshop Sponsored by The National Wellness Foundation
Date:March 2, 2010

Seating 6:45 Workshop begins 7pm

Location:The Bel Air Athletic Club, Bel Air, MD

Seating is Limited to 100   Call to Register TODAY. 


 Creating Wellness Grand Opening

What is Wellness?

Unique to Creating Wellness is the Wellness Quotient (WQ) - a number value that indicates where your personal level of wellness falls on the scale of the wellness continuum. It is calculated by the results of a Wellness Assessment that measures you in all three dimensions of your life - physical, biochemical, and psychological.

Remember, life does not stand still. Every decision you make will move you in a direction toward wellness or sickness on the wellness continuum --- What direction are you moving in? We are here for you to help you achieve the life you want.

Creating Wellness is a powerful wellness program that will guide you to achieving the Life You desire.

Call Today to schedule your Creating Wellness Evaluation 410-734-4060 or email us at Wellness101@RestoreLifeFlow.com

April date to be announced!!!

Join us for a 5k fun run, special screenings, exciting workshops, and a special  Film Presentation at the movie theater behind our practice. 

What's your Wellness Quotient?  Reclaim Your Life Today!!!



Do You Always hear Yourself saying, "It's that time of year, again." Do you really believe that? Are You taking unnecessary medications? Do you make it OK with yourself by saying, "It is only a Low Dose" Do you find yourself dependant on those drugs? Do you wish you didn't have Allergies?

Community Workshop sponsored by the National Wellness Foundation

Admission $5.00 per person  Bring a Friend Admission is FREE

Date:May 11,2010.

Seating 6:45 Workshop begins7:00-8:00pm at Bel Air Athletic Club, Bel Air, MD

Join us for a night of learning. Seating is limited. Call to Reserve your seat TODAY!


A Special Day 4 Special Kids

This is A Special Day to empower parents to take care of their children naturally with a special emphasis on children with learning differences and Autism.

Do you want your children to be healthier tomorrow than they are today? Do you want them to function at their highest level of health and vitality? What will your childs health future look like?

Are you being pressured to put your child on medications? Did you give in to the peer pressure? Are you worried the drugs will have a long term negative effect on your child? Are you seeing changes in your child's health that you are or were concerned about?

Are you ready for a different answer? An answer without having to feel like you are drugging your child into submission? Are you and your child ready to feel good again? Are you ready to take back control of your health and your Life? Let us show you the way!

Show up with your friends and family to a community wide event:

Meet 160 different Creating Wellness Vendors! Let us empower you and your family to Live a Healthier Natural Lifestyle! The Lifestyle you were meant to Live!  Come and Listen to Wellness Speakers on very important topics that concern you and your children.

If your child has or has had in the past  ADHD, ADD,  Allergies, Asthma, Ear Infections, Colic,  fever, croup, wheezing, poor posture, stomach ache, hearing loss, headaches, migraines, frequent cough and colds, bed wetting, bronchitus, constipation, skin problems, lymes disease, childhood diabetes, irritability, nervousness,seizures, cancer, any and all learning differences, sinus problems, eye problems, scoliosis, fatigue, poor immune system, poor immune system related diseases, poor concentration, OCD, numbness, weakness, high/low blood pressure,Chron's Disease, insominia, kawasaki disease, all spectrums of Autism. Please come, listen and learn! This day is for you!

Join Dr. Evan R. Christman, D.C. and Michelle Christman, CA/R
Saturday the 11th day of September, 2010. 10am to 4 pm. Located in the open field on the side of the Arena Club, behind the movie theater off of Churchville Road.  2310 Churchville Rd. Bel Air, MD.

Reserve your tickets for these amazing Wellness Speakers.  Seating is Limited. We will have performances from local groups all day.  We will begin with A Fun Run/Walk for your entire family and special children.

For additional information please write to: Specialkids@RestoreLifeFlow.com

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